on Cooperation and Joint Activity between Association for Development of Business Logistics, LLC and  ____________________________

 Association for Development of Business Logistics, LLC established and acting under the current Laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, hereinafter referred to as ADBL in the person of_______________, General Director, acting on basis of Regulation on the one side and ____________________________________________ established and acting under the Law of ___________________________ , hereinafter referred to as ______________, in the person of__________________, _______________, acting on basis of Regulation (Statute) on the other side, hereinafter conjointly referred as the Parties expressing the interest in partnership cooperation have concluded the present Memorandum on the following:   Article 1   Present Agreement is concluded by Parties aimed to legalize the interrelationships of contracting parties upon subject of strengthening of partnership relations; and to assist each other to solve of statutory objectives, strengthening mutually beneficial relationships, increase service level of Associations and obtaining purposes of logistics services.   Article 2   Parties will implement the following directions of cooperation: - Development of logistics services market; - Arrangement of experience exchange between the ADBL and_____; - Raising the skill level and trainings of national staff in logistics; - Rendering of consulting services to each other; - Conducing joint researches in logistics; - Exchange of information, including the distribution of information about activities of the Parties on corporate websites as well as placing of companies' logos on corporate websites; - Joint conduction of conferences, seminars, participation in regional and international activities; - Elaboration and implementation of joint projects; - Arrangement of internships, study tours and training seminars; - Exchange of experience in enhancement of regulatory framework in logistics area; - Other forms of cooperation not prohibited by law.     Article 3   The present Agreement represents general framework understanding of cooperation principles and joint activity. The present Agreement states intentions of Parties and does not impose obligations to Parties.     Article 4   The Agreement does not charge any obligation to one of the Parties providing any data and information that is prohibited or restricted in accordance with legislation. Any data or information provided by one of the Parties is to be used only in accordance with objectives stipulated in the present Agreement and are to be kept under confident terms. If data or information is not conforming by Parties, each Party providing data or information is to reserve right of property.   Article 5   Any press releases, statements or other information bulletins related to terms of present Agreement are subject to prior approval by both Parties. Parties will make an effort to soonest achievement of agreement on content and date of issue of all press releases and statements. Each of Party is to give own agreement or refusal during 5 (five) working days.     Article 6   The Agreement was drawn up in Russian and English languages, in 4 (four) original duplicates with identical validity, 2 originals for each Party. The Agreement will come into force on the date of signature and is valid until Parties decide to dissolve it. Dissolution of Agreement does not entail abrogation of Agreements on separate projects.     Article 7  Official addresses of the Parties to direct notifications are as follows: